Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Arizona ~ Flagstaff, Grand Canyon and Meteror Crater

We are in Arizona exploring all the sights here. We saw the London Bridge in Havasu, Visited Flagstaff and added new springs to lift us up and give more stability, explored Sunset Crater and found a fantastic camp ground between the craters without a soul around and then to Grand Canyon for the views and hikes.

We took a tour around Meteor Crater today and tomorrow head to the Petrified forest and El Morrow Monument. Busy busy! Keeping up with school and work is challenging at times. With so much to do and spotty Internet and phone service, we have to improvise at times. I am still answering my phones at all times. One of my clients laughed because I answered my phone while walking on the edge of a steep trial in the Grand Canyon with Mules walking by. Never a dull moment!

We have had our share of issues over the last 2 1/2 weeks! We started with getting stuck in the loose sand at Slab City, followed by a break down outside of Niland, CA. Then we got a flat tire on the way to Flagstaff. Spent some money having new springs installed in Flagstaff and then when we got to Grand Canyon we discovered that we has lost our dump hose connector (I know that is not what is called). Greg is always working and tweaking the RV to make it just right for us. I feel so bad when things go wrong, but we are all in good spirits and ready to take anything that gets thrown at us. This is our adventure and we are making it great no matter what happens!

Here are pictures of Flat on the way to Flagstaff and exploring and camping Sunset Crater.

Pictures of Grand Canyon next post.

Love to all!

The Pods

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  1. It was great meeting you all at the Petrified Forest yesterday! We are at the Grand Canyon RV resort today, in the snow! Have fun on your journey through New Mexico, we will be in touch!