Friday, February 25, 2011


The boys have some great friends here in San Diego and it will be hard to say the final goodbyes. We left our old nieghborhood on January 31st and have been in the RV ever since. We are still in San Diego County, so whenever we are in our old city we get together with old friends, soaking up every last minute before we leave.
We are currently staying in Valley Center near my parents, sister and their favorite cousin Rusten and baby cousin Ryland, so that has been keeping them quite entertained!
It has been a couple weeks since they have seen their friends last back home and now they are asking about them again. Soon we will have to find new friends, because we leave for parts unknown starting in a couple weeks!
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Meeting up with new traveling families

We are just starting out on the road from California and I was just talking to my husband last night about finding some other families with kids traveling. We have 2 boys, 9.5yrs and 7.5 years. We have been living in our RV for almost a month now and it has been a great start! We are all having fun, homeschooling and exploring new places around our hometown. We will be traveling toward Arizona starting mid March.

Is there anyone else out there who would like to meet up and get the kids together?
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting out of the rut...

We are still pretty close to home, but it seems like we are miles and miles away. Our daily routine and location changes daily. Every time we look out our windows we see a new and different scene. This is what I love best about living in the RV. We can change our environment whenever it suits us.

For the last four days we have been staying in a gorgeous campground outside Ramona. Shaded with oaks trees, streams and creeks running through the middle and a lake just a 5 minute walk from our camp. Squirrels, gofers, hawks, crows, ducks, rabbits and mud hens are out and about enjoying their beautiful habitat.

The gofers are so funny! We have millions of them all around the grass outside our RV. Teddy is trying so hard to catch one. They are so goofy looking with their long yellow teeth. It is amazing how much you can enjoy them when it is not "our" back yard they are living in. No need in worrying about them destroying "Our" yard. This is Gods yard for all to enjoy. Amazing how different our perspective is when we are "visiting" instead of "owning" the land. I think I can really get use to this life!

The boys are thriving and loving it too. Everyday we make our way through new trails up the mountain. Yesterday Greg and the boys discovered a lake at the top of the mountain. They were so excited to show me their discovery today. So amazingly beautiful and quite it was up there.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we hope to be off to Julian to enjoy the snow!
Ta Ta for now,
P.S. Excuse the formatting, I am still trying to figure all this blogging stuff out!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Shway Shway

Teddy or Shway Shway, rather is our Chuahuahua Terrier Mix. We choose to call him our Chuhuaerrier. Shway is our 3rd boy. He is a ball of energy, pain in the rear pet that we all love so much.

The first week in the RV was a bit rough for Shway. We are staying on my parents property and they have 3 dogs. 2 large dogs (each over 100lbs) and 1 small Maltese (Teddy's girlfriend). He was a little overwhelmed with the entire ruckus, he is used to being the one and only dog around. He thinks he is the smallest 10lb person. No way can he be a dog!

His first night he crawled under the covers with Curren. Curren woke us up saying; "I think Teddy brought food in bed!" Actually is was throw up, Yuck! He also peed in the bed! Arg! Well, when we got up and out of our bunks to see Teddy, he couldn't walk and it almost looked like he was having a seizure. We thought maybe he eaten poison the night before, but now we think it might have been heat stroke or lack of oxygen. He was under 4 layers of covers and I think he was stuck under there. Poor guy. He was dazed and could not walk at all. I hand fed him water and watched him all night, so worried that he was going to die! Well, the next morning, he jumped out of bed and out of the camper like nothing happened. He was back to his old self again.

So, we let Teddy in our bed for a couple weeks, but he was driving us crazy! So, it is Crate City for Shway now! It took him 3 full nights of whining and us 3 nights loss of sleep and now he goes in his crate on his own and seems content.

He is our furboy. We do love him, but man, for a 10 pound tiny lil guy, he sure can get the best of us at times. The RV does suit him and he is settling in nicely to his new mobile life. Teddy is happy as long as he is with his peeps.

He answers to many names... Teddy, Shweebles, Mr. Oats, Shweeee, Ted, Tedster, Sweaty Spaghetti, Freddy Knuckles, Tay Tay, Tee Tee, De Schway, Shweeble berry, Eeee shway, Shway buns, Oh weeee shway. De wee.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Enjoying our beautiful San Diego County

We have not left San Diego County yet, but it feels like we are miles away from our home and our old life. Tomorrow we will have been in our RV for 14 days. Two weeks! Crazy! It is going smooth and we are loving the freedom we have already. So far, while tying up the rest of our life here, we have been bouncing between Oceanside Harbor, Guajome Park and my parents house in beautiful Valley Center.

The weather is way to good here to venture out yet.

Saying good bye to our homeschool Education Specialist.

School work

Sunday, February 6, 2011

First stop, Oceanside!

We did it! We left our home of 5.5 years and packed ourselves into our RV on January 31st. We sold, gave away and threw away so much stuff! It feels great though. All we have now is our family and our RV. We drove out of our neighborhood honking with our hearts beating and smiles on our faces. Greg and I kept looking at each other, saying; "Are we really doing this?"

Our first stop was the Oceanside Harbor four miles from our home. It felt like we were a million miles away though. The weather couldn't have been better. The boys played all day on the beach in the sand while I jogged, cooked dinner organized and reorganized and hunted for sea anemones with the boys.

The next day we started our day with a family jog on the beach and then home school. The boys are doing well with Greg teaching. They respond to him so much better then me! Happy he is the primary teacher. I am still running my business, so it works our perfect!

We have been spending time with my parents over the last several days. Just hanging out and relaxing with my family has been a treat. My Dad loves to cook and we love to eat, so our tummies are a bit fatter then before the move. Today we are back in Oceanside eating Quinoa and veggies!

We will be spending the next several weeks in San Diego County tying up all the loose ends and then hitting the road toward Arizona and beyond at end of February beginning March.

Signing off for now with more pics in a couple days.

Hugs and Kisses,