Sunday, January 30, 2011

Going out with a mess...

Yesterday we celebrated our departure with a food fight and a BBQ. Could not have been a better way for us all to say good bye! Well, I would rather say "see you soon". We have too many good friends and family here to say good bye. We will be back for sure.

Early in the afternoon we gathered all of our munchkins to the field next to our house. All of the parents brought loads of oatmeal, spaghetti, mac n cheese, eggs, jello, marshmallows, flour, sugar, soda and more. Then we dressed the kids in plastic bag and had a FOOD FIGHT! Here is the video. Such a blast they had!

After the food fight our good friends helped us throw a neighborhood BBQ. I will miss you all dearly.

And last, but not least, our oldest son had a sleep over with his good friend. They are so cute together! This is the hardest part about leaving. :o( But like I said, this is not good bye, but see you all later.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I think we can, I think we can, I think we can.....

Wow, what a month! We have been working our tails off trying to get ready for this thing! What an undertaking to untangle from this life, society and all of our junk! We have been so busy that I have not been able to think, let along update the blog!

We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, finally, but we still have a lot to do. We have 6 days before we have to be out of this house and crammed into the camper. Eesh!

This past weekend we had a huge moving sale. We sold a lot, but in he end we still had Greg's Ford 350 and my FJ filled to the brim with things for Goodwill. It was an amazing feeling when we drove away from the Goodwill drop off. I felt like I had just unloaded a 100lb pack off my back. I drove away with a huge smile on my face. It was crazy how much stuff we accumulated over the years. So many things that I didn't know I even had until we unpacked the cupboards and cabinets. I think we had 10 glass vases! Ridiculous amounts of clothes too. We gave aways 6 big black hefty sacks full of our clothes. Now, what is left is what we actually wear and like!

Last night Greg took out all the carpet upstairs to prep for the new carpet coming in for the renters. Our house will finally be beautiful and upgraded now that we are leaving. Such is life. We are all sleeping downstairs in our furnitureless house. We still have more to sell, organize and dump. Food cupboards still need to be scoured and this house will need a major cleaning! Then we will squish the 4 of us and the Chuhuaerrier into the camper and be off...

What is going on with the camper? Well, between all the above mentioned things, Greg has been diligently working on the camper. Yesterday he welded a rack for our 3 case that we get to take. The boys each have one. The rule is: If it fits, you can take it. Man, are those tubs crammed! Zane fit all of his Trolls, Zsu Zsu pets(complete with home), guns, canteen, Ukulele, and misc toys. Curren got all his Legos, Bakugans, cars, barely the guitar and other misc stuff. The last tub holds skateboards, scooters and helmets.

Our sweet Pragmatizo(Camper) is in the shop getting some much needed care. It is getting the rear seal fixed among other things that is needs. Greg will fill you in on that. Not my strength, obviously.

Our bed area is all painted, padded and curtained. Greg will have to get on here to tell you all he has done. So much that I can't even list and working as a General Contractor all the while!

I am still running MM while we do all this as well. Finalizing taxes for both businesses, scheduling and homeschooling too! This week will just have to be a light school week. I mean, I am not Wonder woman!!

Tonight, I get to let loose with my good friends a my favorite Mexican place. I so look forward to that! I will miss my friends and my girls get aways!!

That is it for now. I will try to get some new pics up and posted soon.

Love you all,

P.S. Here are some pics to see what we have been up to over the last year. Next posting, I will some newer pictures or how the camper looks now.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 1-1-11

The New Year is here and we are ready for adventure! Well, I am ready for a vacation really, but that is not what we signed up for. This month will be the busiest and craziest month of all. The boys are now officially out of public school so starting Monday that schooling is all on us. A bit daunting, but exciting too. Greg is going to be the primary homeschooler on the road, but this month with him working and finishing up the camper, I will be the teacher. Eesh! Am I smarter then a 2nd grader? Hope so!

We still have to fix up and rent out our house, finish the camper, compact my office into a brief case, close Greg's biz, file the taxes, school the kids, run my biz, fix up and sell both cars and small pop up camper and get rid of, store and sell all the rest of our stuff! I got all crazy and put all our belongings on Craiglist yesterday and I already sold our bedroom furniture!! They will pick it up next week so, seems I will be sleeping on the floor for a month!

I am half way between elated and nervous. At times, I wish we were moved in the camper and on our way and and other times, when I fall into my big comfy bed, I try to soak up as much of this "comfy" life as I can. I do love my long hot showers and will miss that part too! I am also feeling sadness from the thought of untangling my life from my neighbors, friends and family here. I will really miss my girls especially my monthly bunko and my weekly bible study. The boys are sad at times too. Yesterday Zane says ; " Mom, you know we don't really have to go on this trip." I said; " What?!? Mommy and Daddy have been working for over a year to get ready for this trip... we are going!" Everyday I bring up all the awesome things they are going to experience on this trip and then they get excited again. Lots of mixed feelings for all of us.

Our friends Mike and Windy, who we met while cruising our sailboat down the Mexican Coast in 1996 are now embarking on another adventure themselves. They, like us went cruising on thier sailboat in 1996/1998. We met in Cabo San Lucus and became fast friends. After cruising we all settled back into our suburban lives and we each had 2 kids. Now in our 40's we are all on the same page off to creating our own adventures again, sans kids this time! Theyre cruising from Puerto Vallarta Mexico up the coast to Washington and beyond. You can also follow their adventures on

Well, that is enough for now, time to tuck to boys in and pass out!