Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas Card from The Pods

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Merry Christmas!

We had a wonderful and very mellow Christmas! Nice and quiet. Santa brought the boys perfect gifts. Everything will fit nicely in the camper. So happy that Santa knows what our family needs!

Curren got his much anticipated ipod touch 4G!! Zane got a whole new collection of trolls. I got a mini razor, mini blowdryer and soon to get a mini chopper/blender. Greg go a mini electric razor, books and healthy munchies. Mini is the name of the game this Christmas.

Now that the big day is over it is time to knuckle down and get the show on the road! Today I am finishing up curtains for our bed area, Greg is hoping to get some work done on the camper, but again it is raining. I feel like we live in Seattle! I better get used to it though. We are leaving in February.

We have much to do to leave on our deadline of February 1st. We still have to rent out our house, sell everything, finish the camper and house and organize my business to take on the road.

We will get there. Greg and I have done it once before and we can do it again!

Love to you all,
Danielle and The Pods

Friday, December 17, 2010

The boys are free

We finally did it, we are homeschoolers. We got the boys into a great program called Coastal Academy. They are funded by the State of California. They supply all the lessons and books, but also will reimburse up to $55 per month per student for extra activities or lessons. I will be the primary " teacher" and feel blessed to teach my two boys. Of course their last day was a bit sad and will we probably have a few more sad days. After all they have been at this one school the whole time. We will give hugs and reassuring words when needed, but as I told Zane today after he got a little teary , " there is absolutely nothing in this world that a slurpee won't fix" and I was right. I love my boys