Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zane's 8th birthday

Zane's 8th birthday was spent at Nana's house on 7-11-11. She surprised Zane with her house decorated with Sponge Bob. We made him homemade Ice Cream cake and made play dough and finger paints too! It was an arty party! Zane and Curren bought mice with their birthday money. They named them Remy and Kevin. The day was a huge success!

Surprise surprise, we are still in North Carolina!

We are still in North Carolina enjoying the cooler weather. It in the mid to upper 80's here and over triple digits in the surrounding states. So, we have decided to hang here a while and enjoy more time with my mom, neice and nephew, Ciara and Jimi and my Aunt Sue. It is so beautiful and green here! Below are pictures of our weekend with my mom and Jimi and Ciara at Orchard Lake Campground. We went boating, mini Ziplining, fishing, golf etc. Everything was included in the overnight camping fees. Awesome place and so much fun!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Lil Nana Berton's 85 B~Day-Family reunion!

June was spent in North Carolina celebrating my little Nana's 85th birthday. Everyone one came to celebrate this special time with her. They came from New York, Florida, California and all parts of North and South Carolina. Nana has 2 sisters and had 8 children and almost everyone of her children has children, 6 grandchildren have children, so you can just imagine how many kids, grandkids and great grandkids there are! What an amazing time we all had reconnecting with our big extended family. Thank you to Nana! Without you we wouldnt have each other!
My mom, Anatta, the oldest of nana's kids was the organizer of the party. Her sister, Debbie and Sis Sue along with Denise (sister by marriage) put their love and energy into making this a wonderful suprise for my nana. What an undertaking and a fabulous job they all did!!