Thursday, March 31, 2011

California Desert ~ Niland, Brawley Joshua Tree and Parker

We visited four California desert towns over the last 2 weeks. These pictures below start with the most resent place visited. We just drove up to Flagstaff, AZ from Parker, CA. We stayed at Parker for almost a week! It was a great place to drop out, hang by the pool and munch on $4 burgers. They had ping pong, mini golf and $1 beer and wine. Felt like a real vacation for all of us! Before that we spent a couple nights in Joshua tree scaling the boulders. So much fun! Teddy is quite a climber too! Before Joshua tree we broke down heading out of the Fountain Of Youth RV park in Niland. We had to get towed backward to Brawley and spent a night in a junk yard. That actually turned out really fun for the boys. The are playing in a broken down golf cart in pic below. Now we are in Flagstaff, AZ spending a couple days here. We are going to add new springs to the RV to raise the bed up and add stability. This Weekend we head for the Grand Canyon! More to come in a couple days. Love and hugs from all of us


  1. Sounds like you guys are already having quite an adventure! Flagstaff! New springs for the RV! Golf Cart mayhem for the boys! Miss you all a lot and am so happy you're updating this page often! Loving the photographs too!

  2. Hi there!

    We head out on the road May 15th and have a girl and 2 boys, ages 8,8 and 9. We are in FL and will be heading up the east coast for the summer. Not sure where your travel is taking you, but our kids are also looking to meet friends on the road. You can contact us at