Friday, April 8, 2011

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon was awesome! We have heard so much about it and finally we made it there. It really is breath taking! The weather was perfect around 65 during the days and 20's/3o's at night. We took the tour buses to all the sights and hiked down 1 1/2 miles down into the canyon on the second day. One of these days when the boys are older, I hope to hike all the way down to the Colorado River. They have mules tours that take tourists down to the Colorado River. I loved seeing the Mules pass by us on the narrow paths! The last day as we were heading out we went to the far west side at the beginning of the Grand Canyon. They have tower that you can climb up to see spectacular views. Inside the tower is decorated with Native Indian art and drawings all over the walls.

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  1. Pictures just can not do the Grand Canyon justice! We went there (on the same trip I mentioned in my other comment). I want to take my family there to share it with them. It truly is breath taking!

    We only drove up, looked, and took photos. I'd love to hike down into it!