Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The HUGE state of TEXAS!

Frist town we visited in Texas. Fort Stockton. We spent the night in Walmart parking lot next to the local carnival. The boys and I rode the Crazy Mouse 3 times (ugh for me)! It is the largest mobile roller coaster in the world! The sweet southern gentlemen workers let us ride it for free. Boys loved it, but my stomach did not!

Stopped for a stretch break in this tiny town. Beautiful park with a Davey Crockett memorial, surrounded with pecan trees

Appleby family signing our camper in Bastrop, TX

Aunt Susan

Horses that live right next to Aunt Susan

Michelle Smith

Ian Appleby

The whole beautiful Appleby fam!

Exploring Austin. It was hot hot hot here! 96 degrees with 70% humidity!

Hanging in the grass waiting to see the bats at night at Congress Street bridge in Austin

Hanging out at Perdernales Falls State Park outside of Austin

Celebrating 20 years on marriage in Austin!

Curren with his birthday present HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Curren's Birthday 4/25/11. We waited 3 days in Bastrop for his new E-Revo RC car to arrive. Everyday for 2 weeks he said" I wish I had my E-Revo." or " If I had my E- Revo, I would drive it on that path or that ramp or that dirt or those rocks" He was obsessed! Now he has it and is loving it!

Easter Sunday in San Antonio. The poor easter bunny had to catch 2 buses and walk 2 miles to get those sweet boys their Easter baskets.

Next is San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Rockport, Texana and beyond

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