Sunday, May 2, 2010

The long journey has begun

Well, after much consideration and discussions, we have decided to wander again. It has been in the back of our minds (Greg & Danielle) for the past couple of years. I guess we have grown tired of the mondane and as most of you know we are always looking for that next adventure.

With the boys getting older, Curren now 9 and Zane about to turn 7 , we decided as a family to go on another road trip.

But, not any old road trip. We plan on circling North and Central Americas for a year if not more, but with a twist.
We will be volunteering our hands and minds at least two day per week to those less fortunate then us.

We feel, as parents raising two young men that it is vitaly important for them to experience life beyond the gates of community and to truly see how lucky they are.

A little about the name we chose for our trip, Pragmatizo.
About a year and half ago at our church North Coast Calvary ,they had a guest speaker that really touched my soul. he was a pastor from South Africa. He discussed the idea that what we have ie: homes, cars, toys, items and even ourselves are not ours, but are to used for Pragmatizo
which means " by His hand" for the betterment of other less fortunate. I know I have heard it all before but this time it chord with me because this pastor put his money where his mouth was. When his was going to college they brought into their home a couple of orphan girls. They knew then and there that their home was needed not for their use but for the use of God's work.
The next step after our decision was to find the right vehicle. After building and traveling in our
tent trailer around the country for a summer and traveling in our custom made offroad teardrop trailer, we knew we needed alot more space.

We found on craigslist a 1984 ford fleetwood jamboree rallye with bunk beds in back for the boys and a queen up front for us. We went down to the location and found out it was a tow yard. They wanted just to get rid of it out of their yard. The price was right $2800.00. So we bought it without us being able to test drive it. I know it was a gamble but we put our faith to the test and when we told the manager of our plan( a really nice guy) he tested drove it for us with me in shotgun. Everything ran like a charm.

Next phase gutting it