Friday, February 18, 2011

Shway Shway

Teddy or Shway Shway, rather is our Chuahuahua Terrier Mix. We choose to call him our Chuhuaerrier. Shway is our 3rd boy. He is a ball of energy, pain in the rear pet that we all love so much.

The first week in the RV was a bit rough for Shway. We are staying on my parents property and they have 3 dogs. 2 large dogs (each over 100lbs) and 1 small Maltese (Teddy's girlfriend). He was a little overwhelmed with the entire ruckus, he is used to being the one and only dog around. He thinks he is the smallest 10lb person. No way can he be a dog!

His first night he crawled under the covers with Curren. Curren woke us up saying; "I think Teddy brought food in bed!" Actually is was throw up, Yuck! He also peed in the bed! Arg! Well, when we got up and out of our bunks to see Teddy, he couldn't walk and it almost looked like he was having a seizure. We thought maybe he eaten poison the night before, but now we think it might have been heat stroke or lack of oxygen. He was under 4 layers of covers and I think he was stuck under there. Poor guy. He was dazed and could not walk at all. I hand fed him water and watched him all night, so worried that he was going to die! Well, the next morning, he jumped out of bed and out of the camper like nothing happened. He was back to his old self again.

So, we let Teddy in our bed for a couple weeks, but he was driving us crazy! So, it is Crate City for Shway now! It took him 3 full nights of whining and us 3 nights loss of sleep and now he goes in his crate on his own and seems content.

He is our furboy. We do love him, but man, for a 10 pound tiny lil guy, he sure can get the best of us at times. The RV does suit him and he is settling in nicely to his new mobile life. Teddy is happy as long as he is with his peeps.

He answers to many names... Teddy, Shweebles, Mr. Oats, Shweeee, Ted, Tedster, Sweaty Spaghetti, Freddy Knuckles, Tay Tay, Tee Tee, De Schway, Shweeble berry, Eeee shway, Shway buns, Oh weeee shway. De wee.

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