Saturday, February 12, 2011

Enjoying our beautiful San Diego County

We have not left San Diego County yet, but it feels like we are miles away from our home and our old life. Tomorrow we will have been in our RV for 14 days. Two weeks! Crazy! It is going smooth and we are loving the freedom we have already. So far, while tying up the rest of our life here, we have been bouncing between Oceanside Harbor, Guajome Park and my parents house in beautiful Valley Center.

The weather is way to good here to venture out yet.

Saying good bye to our homeschool Education Specialist.

School work

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  1. Hi! We are heading to San Diego today, we will be there a few days, would love to meet you guys! If you have Facebook, my page is

    messaging might be easier through that. Look forward to hearing from you!