Friday, February 25, 2011


The boys have some great friends here in San Diego and it will be hard to say the final goodbyes. We left our old nieghborhood on January 31st and have been in the RV ever since. We are still in San Diego County, so whenever we are in our old city we get together with old friends, soaking up every last minute before we leave.
We are currently staying in Valley Center near my parents, sister and their favorite cousin Rusten and baby cousin Ryland, so that has been keeping them quite entertained!
It has been a couple weeks since they have seen their friends last back home and now they are asking about them again. Soon we will have to find new friends, because we leave for parts unknown starting in a couple weeks!
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  1. Well we sure look forward to meeting you! Especially our boys (8 & 11) as I bet they'll hit it off. We'll be heading west soon!

  2. Welcome to the club! We're approaching the end of our first year on the road and have no regrets (other than we wished we had done this sooner).

    See you on the road.