Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Getting out of the rut...

We are still pretty close to home, but it seems like we are miles and miles away. Our daily routine and location changes daily. Every time we look out our windows we see a new and different scene. This is what I love best about living in the RV. We can change our environment whenever it suits us.

For the last four days we have been staying in a gorgeous campground outside Ramona. Shaded with oaks trees, streams and creeks running through the middle and a lake just a 5 minute walk from our camp. Squirrels, gofers, hawks, crows, ducks, rabbits and mud hens are out and about enjoying their beautiful habitat.

The gofers are so funny! We have millions of them all around the grass outside our RV. Teddy is trying so hard to catch one. They are so goofy looking with their long yellow teeth. It is amazing how much you can enjoy them when it is not "our" back yard they are living in. No need in worrying about them destroying "Our" yard. This is Gods yard for all to enjoy. Amazing how different our perspective is when we are "visiting" instead of "owning" the land. I think I can really get use to this life!

The boys are thriving and loving it too. Everyday we make our way through new trails up the mountain. Yesterday Greg and the boys discovered a lake at the top of the mountain. They were so excited to show me their discovery today. So amazingly beautiful and quite it was up there.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, we hope to be off to Julian to enjoy the snow!
Ta Ta for now,
P.S. Excuse the formatting, I am still trying to figure all this blogging stuff out!

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