Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rockport, Lake Texana, Houston and Lumberton, Texas

This is a long blog about our adventures through Texas! You might want to read from the bottom up. I have it all backwards again. Maybe by the time we return i will get this blog formatting! Arg. I have been so busy with my work that is has been hard to keep up with the blog.

These pictures below are of the place we have been for the last week. It is Lumberton, Big Thicket State Park. This is one of our favorite places so far. It is beautiful, green and lots of trees. There are perfect mountain biking trails through out the park that lead to creeks and forestes.

This has been a wonderful place for us to relax, catch up on work, school and camper repairs. We have enjoyed this place so much and will miss it.

Today we are heading into Louisiana to the Annual Crawfish Festival in Beaux Bridge, LA. Yippeee, I am ready for some seafood....Cajun style!

School work out in the woods

Greg preparing for the boys school day

Our home for the last week

Zane made this for me for Mother's Day!

Driving from Galveston and ran into a full on round up!

Crystal Beach. Still devastated from Hurricane Ike in 2008

Look how high they build the houses here to protect from the surge of future hurricanes!

Johnson Space Center in Houston

Moon boy

Riding a aircraft simulator. Greg and I were laughing our heads off watching this video of them!


Lake Texana


The four Pods. Just to our left were 3 large alligators!

life everywhere. Cardinals...

Deer right next to our campsite

We saw real alligators in all the lakes surrounding us.

Beautiful campground at Lake Texana

Rockport Seagulls

Yummy, finally we got Shrimp and Oysters for lunch!


This boat came in full of oysters while we were eating. Doesn't get any fresher then that!

Taking the ferry to Rockport

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