Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pensacola, Florida

We stayed at Fort Pickens State Park.

We took a tour of Fort Pickens. It was built in the 1800's by the US Army to protect Pensacola Harbor.

We got a surprise Air show by the Blue Angels. What a treat! Amazing job they have!

My best friend from Middle school, Julie lives in Pensacola, so she came to visit us at our camp ground. I haven't seen her since I was 16 year old! She is still as beautiful as I remembered her and is now a fab mom to 3 awesome kids.

Yey, the beach!

I took a last minute trip back to San Diego to run an event and Greg and the boys are still in Pensacola soaking up the sun, catching up on school and having all boy time at the beach. I am enjoying visiting friends and family here, but so ready to head back to my moving home and be surrounded by the love my boys. I have been gone for four days, and it has been long enough. I will be there soon and then we will start making our way toward North Carolina to visit my mom.


  1. Where's our updates?! My last comment on this post didn't take for some reason... too bad too! It was a good long one! Looks like the boys enjoyed some cliff diving though!

  2. Hi there, Pod family...have been looking for your updates...hope to see some soon...we are back home now in BC..wished that we were still on the road...hopefully you are enjoying the travels, Kelly, Terry and Michael