Friday, November 12, 2010

Everything must go!

We are moving toward our goal everyday. It is definitely becoming more real now that we are getting rid of so many things. We went through the whole house and eliminated many things that we won't need or won't be able to fit in the camper. Between Greg and I, we have over 6 huge black trash bags full of clothes. We have piles of books, housewares, toys and electronics. The hardest thing for me is going through my shoes!! I have so many and most won't be right to our life in the road. Do I store them? Sell them? So many decisions! Everything is stacked up in the garage ready to sell. Tomorrow is the big garage sale and we hope to rid ourselves of all this stuff. It is amazing how many things we found that we didn't know we had and how many doubles of things we have too! We found 3 full bottles of rubbing alcohol, 3 big packs of soap, extra Tylenol bottles, toothpaste, heating pads and the list goes on. Our cupboards were so full of junk we didn't need, use or know we even had!! If feels so good to unload.

Now the fun part is watching Greg improve the camper daily! Here are some pictures of Greg's projects. His to do list is monstrous and overwhelming, but we will get there. We have done this once and we can do it again!


  1. Wow, we can relate to the feeling. We've been purging slowly for the past year, but I am still overwhelmed at all that remains to discard. Eager to see the post where you reveal how the garage sale went. How much did you get and how much did not sell? We are planning a sale to get rid of everything not needed about a month before we go, and then another yard sale after we get an offer on the house that is everything left (furniture, etc) that will not fit in the Ford Escort or trailer for the drive to Mexico. Excited for you guys.

  2. Hey - It looked like you had made a lot of progress when we saw your house on Thanksgiving! Way to go on all the hard work:-) We need an update!!

  3. Just popped over from FOTR... was the garage sale? is the purging coming?
    ....remodel in fifth wheel (at least that' what it looks like)
    ...where are you now and when do you plan on hitting the road?