Sunday, October 3, 2010

Still plugging away!

We are still plugging away toward our goal of leaving for our big adventure. Several things have changed since our last post. We are no longer going through Mexico and Central America. There have been too much in the news about all the violence going on with the drug lords. We are not willing to risk being in the crossfire.

Plan B? We are going to explore the good ole USA and hope to go up through Canada and maybe Alaska. We will leave mid to late March and head east to Arizona to start our adventure. More on that to come.....

As for the camper, we are working hard. Well, when I say we, I really mean Greg! He has been working diligently and it shows. He has installed solar panels, welded a rack for the canoe and a latter to reach the roof, the flooring is done, most of the painting and upholstered cushions in the dinette area. I sewed curtains for the boys bunks and will soon be putting up wall paper. It is really starting to look like a home.

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  1. Wow! Good for the Pods! What a coincidence too, both of us heading out again. Yet, I guess it is no coincidence that the same types of people who vagabond in their twenties are the same type who decide to chuck it in their forties.
    Windy and I also plan to contribute ourselves on this outing. I recall Habitat for Humanity goings on in Chacala, but not being there long enough to participate and not feeling I had the skills to contribute. This time we will bring the time and skills.
    We are heading north from PV (whenever we start) so will maybe be able to rendevouz on the west coast or Alaska. In a small way, your news is disappointing in that we were planning to ask to use your San Diego address to drop ship our new dinghy to when we ordered it (from Portland, Maine)! Oh well. We look forward to following along via your blog. Best wishes, Del Viento (2).